It's never too early to start good habits, unfortunately bad habits form just as easily. We are offering you a choice for non-violent, healthy, stimulating physical activity to educate your children about the benefits of active playtime. Kids will happily put down the controllers and turn off the TV's when presented with a play center like ours. Healthy bodies help fuel healthy minds. Studies show physically fit children perform better in school, have higher self esteem, and are generally happier.
Keeping it clean.
​We strive to keep our facility as clean and healthy as possible. Every day we go in and out of the bouncers with sanitizing solution to thoroughly clean off all the germs or dirt hiding around. Sanitizer and kleenex are located throughout the playground at various points for your use as well.
We require all parents and children in the facility to have socks on and shoes off. There is a small seating area that you are allowed to have shoes on, but everywhere else is off limits. Why do we do this? To sell socks! No, I'm kidding. There are major health issues that can transfer more effictively from bare feet, such as warts or fungus. Shoes are not an exception either. You step in a multitude of who knows what throughout the day. With all the kids playing on their hands and feet, we don't want them to get any of that in their play area. Thanks for understanding! (and yes, we do sell socks for only $1 if you forgot to bring them along)
Drinks only, no food or snacks.
With the exception of reserved parties in our private party room, we do not allow food or snacks inside the facility. Not only does this help keep down the mess, it helps our friends with allergies enjoy their playtime without the risk of a reaction to someone else's snack choice. It further helps us stop the transfer of germs from the mouth to hand and back to the play surfaces associated with children as they eat during playtime (nobody wants to wonder if the chocolate smear is really chocolate or not)​. If you do find you need to refuel with a snack, the bracelets provided allow you to leave and come back throughout the day at no additional charge.
We do want you to stay hydrated though! There is a drinking fountain located by the bathrooms, a cooler up front to purchase drinks, or you are welcome to bring your own drink in with you.

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